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 … a fresh weekly party for London


When we asked our resident DJs (and long time club goers) Stuart Patterson and Phil Asher what were their favourite clubs of all time, the instant response was .. Body and Soul, High On Hope, secretsundaze, Solaris, Lazy Dog, Groove Sanctuary. We noticed that one thing stood out, other than High On Hope, every club was on a Sunday. It's always been a special day for parties with the serious dancers and hardened club gangs not having to share their floor with the Saturday night masses.


We bring a new Sunday party to the table. Inner Rhythm will join the dots between the soul and spirit of the aforementioned clubs and the vibrant international Sunday house scene of London 2011. We will delve deeper into the music and throw the net wider as the soundtrack expands. Expect plenty of modern and pre released house with cherry picked sprinklings of the disco, funk and afro roots of the music.


We will welcome and host some of London's finest dancers to the floor, but everyone is welcome, we want the crowd to be as open minded and mixed as the music policy.


The guests have been thoughtfully chosen for their abilities to move between the house genres and their musical knowledge. The quality of our residents in Stuart Patterson and Phil Asher as DJs alone speak for themselves. Inner Rhythm will be a home for all who love music House music. Over the months ahead we will see the cream of the scene, both DJs and PAs, passing through, either booked or impromptu. 


The 30th October is the start of a new institution for London….and for all the right reasons!


We appreciate the current financial climate so we will try tomaintain a free entry policy (for early arrivals) for as long as possible 


Opening night Sun 30th Oct – Dan Beaumont (Jam Factory)


Sun Nov 6th – Joshua Iz (Chicago)

Sun Nov 13th – Beg To Differ (Wurst, NYC)

Sun Nov 20th – Brothers' Vibe (NYC)