Feminist Activist Group Guerrilla Girls To Unveil New Archive At Whitechapal Gallery

Art & Culture

Feminist activist group Guerrilla Girls are heading to Whitechapel Gallery from the 1st October 2016-5th March 2017. Their exhibition revisits their 1986 poster ‘It it even worse in Europe?’ answering the question based on fresh research of over 400 questionnaires sent out across Europe to gallery and museum directors. The archive will represent the research about female and non- gender conforming artists through statistics and findings. 

The Guerilla Girls founded by an anonymous group of artists, don Guerrilla masks wherever they go publically and all go by dead female artists or pseudonym names. They aim to expose sexism, racism and corruption in politics, art and pop culture. 

They state this recent project will address the question of, ‘Are museums today presenting a diverse history of contemporary art or the history of power and money?’ 

The group are presenting a lecture, illustrating their work over thirty years at the Whitechapel Gallery on the 1st October. Details can be found HERE


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