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Creator of the dirtybird and mothership labels Claude VonStroke submits an enigmatic combination of house, funk, dirty bass and electronica which has led to him being one of the most recognised label owners to come out of the US, as well as one of the nicest.
Ahead of his SPL show next Thursday with Julio Bashmore for friends, family and old fans, R$N caught up with the illustrious
Claude VonStroke for his thoughts on next week, the music policy and…ahem cow-hide.

You never get to do a gigs in a small space – I guess it’s a nice way to get friends and family down who either work on the weekend or don’t go to big clubs as much as they used to?
Yes, the object of our London show is to have something very personal and intimate. Hopefully some of the friends i’ve met over the years will stop in to say hello.

What’s going to be different about this gig than recent London gigs.
It will be much smaller, more friends and people i work with. Its not going to be “hyped,” up like some godlike Dj gig is happening. Just sweaty and fun. No pressure.

How do parties in London differ from that of those over the other side of the pond. Do you get a chance to do this sort intimate gig over there ever?
I play smaller shows locally in SF. Maybe not super small but definatly smaller than on the road. I enjoy playing those shows with people from out of town who have done music on one of my labels.

Will some of your new productions be getting a new airing on the night? Will there be any sort of music policy?!
the music policy will be no music policy. I’m having my friend Julio Bashmore up from Bristol to play before me. He’s got a right twisted arsenal of tunes from quite deep RnB flavored house to quasi-dub-step filth.

As the party will be in a leather factory have you ever been tempted to slip on some hide? :)
Sounds like a question for my label manager.

Full event info here

Tickets available from Ransom Note tickets.