Charity Shoppe: East vs South Special

Art & Culture

That time has rumbled round once more… The grab bag of haphazard musical kurfuffle that is Charity Shoppe returns to the London Fields Pub…! 

This time we've a very special face off, as vinyl obsessives from round London throw down their finest finds from two special meccas of second hand vinyl magic – the creaking charity parlours of Hackney's Mare Street, against the roiling near-living behemoth that is Deptford Market. 
Who will have found the most glorious long forgotten gem? The sweetest pop nugget? The most dancefloor tickling house bomb? The most shamelessly offensive Miami bass banger? WHO ? 
To entertain you with a smorgasbord of wonderful, esoteric, and occasionally recognisible sounds we have – 
Emerging from the badlands of South London with dusty mitts and weighty record bags – 
TOM 'born in a barn' CASLIN
and MICK 'completely uncontactable' SHAW 
Meanwhilst East London will be standing tall to the sounds of 
KIERAN & ROB (drunk), 
and IAN McQUID (hopeless) 
Expect music dancing lalala
FREE ALL NIGHT . That's nice.