Breathe Manchester host online event to spotlight local POC artists

Art & Culture

United We Stream have announced Breathe Manchester, a day of programming that spotlights local POC artists, performers and DJs. 

Taking place this weekend on Saturday 12th September and kicking off at 14:00, the 7 hour programme features performances and DJ sets from the likes of Lovescene, Ceeow, Katbrownsugar, Levi Love, Reece Williams, DJ Blackbetty, Nasima Bee, DJ Obeka, DJ Mix-Stress, Chande, Abena, Korzi and many more. 

The live stream will provide an important and representational platform to celebrate some of the city’s most talented artists.

Breathe Manchester has been organised and curated by a team of DJs, musicians and promoters hailing from the city, including Rebecca Swarry from RebeccaNeverBecky, Pops Roberts of Lovescene, Alice Woods from Save Our Scene // Meat Free, Romy Green of Shifting Spheres, Yohan Reitan from Me Gusta and DJ d.clemente. 

Watch HERE.