Bizarre Rituals Invite You To “Fist Pump”

Art & Culture

We're big fans of the woozy tunes Bizarre Rituals have been releasing from deepest Devon. Joining the dots between techno, disco, brainfried hip hop, oddly hued fog, and that distinct feeling that someone is watching you from just behind a nearby cluster of trees, they're doing a fine job of making life in the smoke seem like a drab slog compared to the wild weirdness of the countryside. They've just told us that they're putting on a party in the Dartington Estate – a manor in the heart of Devon's countryside – on May 7th, and we can't think of any better reason for a trip out of London. Music is coming from the Bizarre Rituals team, alongside Heavenly Jukebox on an away day, and Plymouth's very own lord of Italo, Megatronman. Points awarded for the dopeness of their video flyer alone – 


More info over on their facebook page