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Daniele baldelli (cosmic)
severino (horse meat disco)

25th September 2010

The Star of Bethnal Green
359 Bethnal Green Road,
London E2 6LG

“Launching on a journey through time and space, Daniele baldeli & severino will take you to a new dimension where cosmic sounds from the finest DJs of the Italo disco scene will float from your ears to your feet and through to the dancefloor. ”

Daniele Baldelli is regarded as one of the first notable Italian DJs as well as a true pioneer and legend of the disco scene. He has earned himself a place in history for his distinguished ‘cosmic disco’ style, a sound drawn from a diverse range of musical genres, such as electro and funk to jazz fusion and Brazilian. In 1979, Baldelli became a resident for the legendary ‘COSMIC’ club in Lazise on Lake Garda where he cultivated his rather special and revered disco sound, sculpting it into what has been described as a combination of spaced-out rock and tribal percussion. Without a doubt Daniele Baldelli was the precursor, to what is referred to today, as the dee-jay, being experimental enough to mix

Baldelli honed & developed his style through mixing the likes of T-Connection with Moebious and Rodelius, unearthing the only hypnotic-tribal track by Cat Stevens; Izitso, extracting Africa from Depeche Mode by playing them at 33 rpm or vice-versa by creating music using a Reggae voice played at 45 rpm. By mixing 20 or so African tracks on the same electronic drum pattern or by playing them together in Batucada with Kraftwerk. By using the same electronic effects of a synthesiser to overlap pieces by Miram Makeba, Jorge Ben or Fela Kuti and also by uniting the Indian melodies of Hofra Haza or Sheila Chandra with the German electronic sounds of Sky Record. Phew!

Founder and resident of Londons disco mafia Horse Meat Disco, Severino, has been responsible for helping to kick start the disco revival thats gripped London over the last few years. Beginning his DJ career in Mantova, Northern Italy, Severino moved to London at the age of 26 where he joined forces with friends Rob Wood (of the unforgettable Jockey Slut) and Michael Morley (Zomba Records and Lucky Numbers) to host a string of successful parties throughout the city such as Happy Families,.After meeting Jim Stanton, the pair decided to start Horse Meat Disco. Bored of the electroclash scene at the time, their aim was to achieve a more fun sound and environment that was welcome in gay circuit clubs. Today, Severino is making his music heard in some of Vauxhalls finest gay establishments like Crash, AM and particularly at the legendary Sunday Horse Meat Disco parties. He regularly plays at 333 Saturdays and is also runs and DJs at, with long-term friend Nico De Ceglias well-established CODEX parties alongside their other partner Julius.

Expect anything and quite possibly everything to happen on the night from disco, house, electro and soulful vocal music. Come feast your ears on what they both have to offer.

Check the the recent interview with Baldelli from FACT magazine:

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