Andrew Weatherall Weekender Returns

Art & Culture

Now in it’s third year, the tribute weekend to The Guv, Andrew Weatherall, is returning under it’s new moniker “Convenanza”, after his artwork from last year’s festival.

Set in the medieval city of Carcassonne in the South Of France, in an ACTUAL FUCKING CASTLE, Weatherall has again hand picked his global loves to flavour the jaw-dropping location. Baris K from Istanbul, Vox Low from Paris, Sterling Roswell from London provide Anatolian rhythms, live bass grooves and smoked R ’n’ R. 

Crimes Of The Future will be doing an exclusive live John Carpenter set, The Asphodells return to the castle, and the Guv does his eccentric “Music’s Not For Everyone” set.

Oh, and of course there’s ALFOS. Cosmic Disco Commanders In Chief. 

Should be alright.

Convenanza takes place on 25th and 26th September at Carcassonne Castle, find out more here.