Alejandro Paz & Flørist set for Renate date this weekend

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This weekend the Berlin institution will open it's doors and play host to an eclectic array of talented disc jockeys who will play across all three rooms of the sprawling funhouse. DAS PARTY will host proceedings and they have invited an appropriate team of participants to soundtrack the evening. Crucial appearances come from Alejandro Paz, a DJ and producer from Santiago de Chile who has released prominently on the likes of Matias Aguayo's label Cómeme and Huntleys & Palmers. He features alongside Flørist, an eclectic house focussed disc jockey who has released music on All Caps, Pacific Rhythm and World Building. 

Other names on the bill feature Albert van Abbe, who has released music on Drum and Semantica as well as Rodion who has featured prominently on Nein and Les Disques de la Mort. 

The full lineup can be seen below: 

Schwarzer Raum:
Albert van Abbe /// drum, semantica, figure jams
Savas Pascalidis /// non series, mote evolver, sweatshop
Modig /// soma records

Grüner Raum:
Westside Florist /// all caps, world building
The Ghost /// the ghost
Julian gomez /// video club, discos páramo

Roter Raum:
Alejandro Paz /// cómeme
Rodion /// nein, les disques de la mort
Justine /// relish


More details and tickets HERE. The Renate crew will be at Gottwood this weekend with Axel Boman, Dj Boring and Paranoid London.