This Week... It's not quite Braveheart but Freedom Day is here!

Anyone for the pub?

This Week... It's not quite Braveheart but Freedom Day is here!

Anyone for the pub?

On Monday we will all be free. At least for a little while anyway until we all get locked back up again or the test and trace application texts us all in some sort of weird dystopian neverending self isolation loop.

Let the good times roll! I jest...

However I'm very happy to see that nightclubs will once again be able to reopen, I myself have missed a late night escapade and it's been a long time coming for venues up and down the UK. A jaunt through town in the wee small hours will be high on the agenda of many, as I'm sure will a dodgy kebab at 4AM. 

Anyway, this week was a bit of a solemn affair after it did not in fact come home. Football was robbed (won fairly) by the Italians who absconded back to Rome with gloating smiles and two of the best defenders the game has ever seen.

However, this wasn't the saddest part, not by far.

What was far sadder was the brigade or racists who decided now was the time to take to social media to voice sick, ignorant opinions against the men who only days before they'd celebrated like kings. How much of a whopper do you have to be to play the turncoat in such a situation? I can't say i'm surprised, this is a country whose PM has previously voiced similar pathetic views, voted for Brexit and praised the Home Office in its pursuit of 'sending immigrant boats back across the seas from whence they came'. Rule Britannia

Meanwhile, Richard Branson went into space and pretended that he didn't have enough money to save half the planet. Soon Jeff Bezos will follow him and the only god forsaken hope I have is that they form some kind of intergalactic romance with one another and choose to make a home for themselves on Mars. It could happen you know... 

Anyway, the sun is shining and the weather is sweet as a once great balearic Ibiza anthem declared and ain't nothing gonna' get me down today... 

Here's the internet... 



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