Video Premiere: Not Me But Us – When We See

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Bruno Bavota and Fabrizio Somma’s emotionally charged alias as Not Me But Us gets a video makeover capturing a raw and authentic moment of anger between two lovers.

Bruno Bavota (he of Temporary Residence and Believe fame) and Fabrizio Somma debut album ‘Two’ is out next month on the great Sonic Cathedral. We’re premiering Paolo Tresoldi’s take on new single ‘When We See’

“The video (by director Paolo Tresoldi) captures a raw and authentic moment of anger between two lovers, faced with a brief car drive. Picture the breathtaking drone footage capturing the car (an iconic Subaru Impreza) winding through the city streets, providing a unique and captivating perspective. The city lights reflecting on the car become a dazzling backdrop, enhancing the emotional depth of the narrative and creating a visual feast for the senses.”

Watch here:


Pre-Order Two on Sonic Cathedral HERE.

Director: Paolo Tresoldi
DOP: Lorenzo Rawlence Invernici
Art Director: Giuliana Damiola
Executive Producer: Luca Mascherpa
Assistants: Guglielmo Pistoia and Stefano Tonini
Starring: Joy Ferrari
Production: Paolo Tresoldi Studio
Special Thanks: Antonio Palmenta, Event Service and Flavio Facchini