Thinkspace Launches Online Ma In Computer Game Music And Audio Design


In the 90s dance boom, a producer making electroinc music could expect to raise decent money by flogging 12"s by the thousand. With that market well and truly gone (no matter how much people talk about a 'vinyl revival' the fact remains that most labels now sell at most 500 copies of a 12"), it's become harder and harder to make a living from writing beats. One avenue has remained lucrative – the still booming world of computer games. 

Now online education company Thinkspace has teamed up with the University of Chichester to offer 3 new masters courses; Composing for Video Games, Sound Design for Video Games and Game Music & Audio. Interstingly, they've got tutors onboard with proven track records of working on some blockbuster titles – the likes of ASSASSIN’S CREED, BIOSHOCK, DRAGON AGE, FALLOUT, MASS EFFECT, TOMB RAIDER and more. Thinkspace claim to be breaking new ground with these courses, with course director Guy Michelmore commenting that “there are plenty of music and sound production schools yet, despite increasing interest in video game soundtracks, almost none who specialize in game music and audio. We’re excited to offer the first online master’s degrees in composing and sound design for video games.”

Courses start this September- check out a video trailer below. We wouldn't be surprised to see an increasing number of producers following this path – it's been on the cards since the Wipeout 2097 soundtrack was released on vinyl back in 1996


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