Numark Release Portable ‘Scratch’ Turntable


Portable turntables have long been an essential for dusty fingered crate diggers- now Numark are trying to appeal to the nimble fingered as well. The company has announced the release of the PT-01; a portable turntable with built in scratch capability. Whilst we're not entirely sure that this is the innovation the DJ world has been waiting for, there's no denying the little beast looks kinda fun.

The set up is simple – Numark have taken the traditional battery powered turntable set up, and thrown in a scratch switch, enabling DJs to cut the sound of the turntable on and off for that crucial wiki wiki effect. They've combined this with an input jack that allows you to run music into the deck's speaker, enabling you to perform scratch routines over the top of tracks anywhere you go. Please God don't let someone have one of these on the next rush hour tube I take. There's more info on the PT-01 over on Numark, watch it in action in the video below – 

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