Non-profit music tech org Saffron announce fundraiser to continue their work

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Written by Grace Morton

Saffron has launched a major donations drive after a series of funding cuts that have debilitated the organisation’s ability to sustain its work.

Saffron – and its sister program Mix Nights – have been providing support for women, non-binary people and other minority genders.

Their mission is to diversify the music production and music tech industry, which currently sees women, non-binary and trans people making up less than 5%, while 1% of these are Black, Asian or ethnically diverse. 


In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2o2o, Saffron, along with many other Black Caribbean-led organisations, received short terms grants, however these funds were granted on a one-off basis. With the organisation’s primary donator also departing, Saffron turn to the wider community for an appeal to aid them in the next coming months, before long term financial support materialises. 

Saffron founder Laure Lewis-Paul said:  The cost of living, government arts cuts and lack of sustained funding post-BLM is leaving non-profit organisations like us without the crucial core investment we need to stay afloat…

Saffron are a non-profit organisation who create safe and secure spaces for marginalised people to learn, create and grow. Since 2015, in Bristol, London, Nottingham, Birmingham and internationally online, they have offered music industry experience, training in music production and DJing opportunities through educational courses, mentoring schemes and online workshops.

Saffron are asking for any support that you can give, this includes sharing this news or providing one time or regular donations.