Nokia 3310 Set To Be Relaunched


Remember the days when phones were all about playing Snake, sticking to a word limit on texts, and changing the colour of your phone's keypad?

Well, those golden days are set to return, as the trusty old Nokia 3310 is set to make a comeback in all its sturdy, long-lasting battery glory.

Disgruntled Apple users will be able to return to a simpler time. There'll no longer be any need to carry an incovenient portable charger around in the back pocket of your vintage Levi's, and texts from potential flames will now have to be shorter and therefore actually get to the point. Although this does mean no more Tinder and other such dating apps, so yeah, swings and roundabouts.

The resurrection of this old faithful is expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress later this month, and pitched as a reliable second phone. It will retail at the humble price of €59.

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