Korg Add To Their Ios Collection With Odyssei App


Korg revived the ARP ODYSSEY in 2015 and it's faithfully reproduced sound has garnered much praise. Korg have now used their 'Component Modeling Technology (CMT)' to create a fully featured iOS version which also has numerous improvements that are possible only in software. ARP ODYSSEi has added a voice assign mode that allows you to play chords, an arpeggiator that can be programmed in detail like a step sequencer, and effects that can transform the sound in diverse ways. They have also added an X-Y pad that lets you perform intuitively through touch gestures. ARP ODYSSEi can also be used in conjunction with the award-winning 'Korg Gadget' music production DAW app, is compatible with Audiobus and can be used as a sound module for GarageBand. As with the other Korg iOS apps, it can be used in conjuntion with a midi adaptor for input from control surfaces and keyboards.

Korg's ARP ODYSSEi is available on the App Store now. For further info look HERE

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