Does This Bonavita Bv1900ts Make The Best Coffee In The World?


There are few things which we love more than coffee here at Ransom Note towers. Except beer, or the smell of sucess in the morning. However, after that, coffee is pretty much the next best thing. It also smells good too. We took it upon ourselves to review our latest office addition, the Bonavita BV1900TS. Ohh, sounds shiny. Here goes:

Jim Angell

You for coffee?

Despite the slightly repetitive nature of the joke, it was a cry in the office that often went up but unfortunately, to a diminishing return. The warm grey colored cocktail served up lacked flavour, personality and depth.

Tea was the drink of choice until that fateful day when the Bonavita BV1900TS turned up and changed the landscape forever. As a working environment, life has literally been transformed. Strong, black rich coffee flows from jug to cup in an endless stream of deliciousness.

How we survived before is simply a mystery, everyday with Bonavita is laced with love.

Dexter Marley

Body – Is body something you can say about coffee? If so this one has the body of someone who’s been roasted for eternity then crushed into a fine powder before finally being placed into a fresh watery grave. Tasty.

Taste – Very coffee like with a hint of coffee. Essentially I have no barometer for good or bad coffee other than (Drinkable – Not Drinkable) and as this coffee machine makes coffee that firmly sits in the former category.

My final words on this coffee machine is that it’s made coffee consumption in the office go up two fold. So all in all its done its job. 8 out of 17. 

Malcolm Fernandes

Not the fanciest coffee machine as it isn't equipped with tonnes of cool features but a good sturdy coffee machine that is fast, easy to use, easy to clean and keeps your coffee hot for a few hours. If you are a coffee geek looking to froth some extravagant almond milk then look elsewhere but if you just want coffee in a pot this will work fine.

Kieran Alington

The Bonavita BV1900TS in a hungover acrostic poem review by Kieran Alington, 2016.

Organic coffee.
A dream.
Very easy to 
Install, brew and clean.
Temparture just right for
A perfect cup of coffee.

Visits are down
1900 (£)

Matt Wickings

I think the coffee machine is a good coffee machine, it does what it says on the tin, which is make coffee, so thumbs up for both being honest and good at what it does, which is make coffee.  It makes the office smell of coffee which I like, and its also pretty quick at making coffee which is handy because the office can be quite impatient when needing coffee LOL.

Kieran Delaney

A good coffee is like a hug from an old friend. The Bonavita 8 Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe is like inviting 8 old friends round and getting hugs from all of them. Well done to Bonavita for the 8 Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe. A good coffee is like a hug from an old friend. The Bonavita 8 Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe is like inviting 8 old friends round and getting hugs from all of them. Well done to Bonavita for the 8 Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe.

Cosmo Godfree

Ah, the coffee machine. It's been the subject of frequent debate in the office over the past few weeks. I guess the general consensus is that it makes a really good cup of coffee. I wouldn't know, not being a coffee drinker myself, but as an impartial bystander it seems to get everyone's heart rates going. Which is nice because then we get to listen to bangers instead of mopey dub techno. Aesthetically it looks pretty nice – more functional than stylish, but then I guess that doesn't matter so long as it makes good coffee. Wil asked me to write this review even though I haven't actually tried out the machine, so really not sure what else to add here.

Alasdair King

Some people make fun of me in this office because I am Scottish, but when the coffee machine arrived at my place of work it immediately brightened up my day. Now when I am sad I can find peace and happiness in a beautifully presented mug of filtered goodness. I forget all of my problems as I sip upon the caffeine which makes me buzz with such life, energy and soul. Well done guys, a great machine, and an inspiration to the liquid intake of offices everywhere. 

Wil Troup

I like this coffee machine very much… but not when Cosmo or Malcolm make it. When they are let near I feel like I’m near to having a heart attack. 
When they don’t have any part in it, it has made me rediscover my love of filter coffee. No longer will I queue up like a lemming to part with 2.50 of my hard earned pieces of sterling for an overrated ‘black americano’ around the corner. Filter coffee is king. Viva filter coffee.

Ian Mcquaid

I am a complete idiot when it comes to using coffee machines, so I've been remarkably surprised at how easy the Bonavita (or BRILLavita as I like to call it) is to operate. The office IT guy talked me through it one time and since then I've been churning out the black gold like a caffeine fuelled maniac. I now neck upwards of 20 cups a day and plan to die young. 

Buy the machine HERE.

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