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Ive never understood why Stings ridiculous Jamaican accent has been allowed to pass entirely unmolested. Its the great unspoken shame of a nation. For example: Giant steps are what I take // Walkin on de moon What was he thinking ? And how has he slipped it under the radar for so long ? Richard Madeley does one shonky Ali G impersonation and is hounded from our screens. Sting builds a career out of an ability to pronounce bacon as beer can and makes millions. Bewildering. Still, it seems Eminem was taking notes, as he kicks off this new banger with a few stinking cod dancehall bambaclaarts before thankfully sacking off the crap accent and settling down to prove that hes still one of the illest MCs alive. The beat is one of the standard piano chuggers that Dre could knock out in a coma, but it allows Em room to lyrically dance over the bars, tossing out references to a host of his favourite fictional characters, from Freddy Kruger to Stringer Bell via Captain America on a ferris wheel. Tis good to have him back. Ian Mcquaid