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The Count & Sinden Strange Things (High Rankin Remix)

My wife hates drum n bass in all its forms and she would definitely hate this record. I however am an ORIGINAL JUNGLIST and go fucking mental for it. Therefore, whilst the original of Strange Things is kind of a shit reimagining of 98 dull and bass, the High Rankin remix is a massive and ridiculous amen feast thats making me bounce up and down in my (junglist) swivel chair. Its got a dubsteppy speeding up breakdown half way through and loads of ragga shouting and stooopid snares and sounds like High Rankin genuinely loves Congo Natty and Remarc and probably knows all the words to Original Nuttah, including the indecipherable ones UK Apache made up when he was taking a break from inventing jungle.

By Ian Mcquaid