Single Review – Sophie -Lemonade


SOPHIE is a genuine weirdo. 'Lemonade' sounds like nothing else in the world – it's a fractured twerk through fizzy pop fuelled sugar psychosis, happy hardcore sampling, dubstep bass wubbers, and Disney Land as imagined by Mike Diana. I hate to descend into cliche to describe something so demented, but all I can think is that this shouldn't work, and it inexplicably does. On the first listen you're sneering, the second you're intrigued, and by the end of the third you feel like slipping on a pair of knee socks and shouting 'KAWAIII' at endless youtube loops of CGI created J-pop stars. I don't know where he can go from here, because I'm not entirely sure how he got here in the first place – all I can suggest is that 'Lemonade' reflects the skitzy attention spasms of an accelerated culture and the only reason it doesn't drive people insane is that we all already are. 

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