Single Review: Fx Mchn – Dunn


Acid’s all over everywhere right now in’t it? Can’t move for squelching 303s guffing themselves all over your inbox. I’m going to credit Julio Bashmore here for coming up with the phrase Flaccid House to describe the majority of it. Generally these new acid cats don’t engage with the fact that dicking around with a 303 emulator over a drum machine has been pretty much ground down to the emptiest husk of entertainment. Most early acid had at least a bit of sex in there, some sleazy vocals, great memorable synth lines, a bit of a shuffle- you get the picture. So credit to FX Mchn for remembering to mix his acid with some actual tuney-bits. Dünn first dropped in 2013 on the London Housing Trust label, and went on to find favour with teh likes of Dan Avery. It's got the burbles running all the way through it, but also chucks in some fantasy-horror choral work, creepy hooks you can hum along to, and a sense that the tune has a start and a finish, rather than a running time. Surprisingly the Roman Flugal mix – one of teh key selling points of this reissue – isn’t up to much, for once the Flugalator (as no one calls him) hasn't got much to add to the drive of the original. Worth grabbing if you have to have releases on vinyl, otherwise stick to downloading the original and forget the rest.