Single Review: Fracture – Loving Touch


Sometime D&B producer Fracture has somehow been given the official go ahead to turn Ralph Rosario’s ‘You Used to Love Me’ into a frantic chest rattling footwork smash out. Some might think that's the equivalent of giving a boy racer the keys to a vintage Jag, I say he's done a bloody good job. I'm calling it footwork becuase that's what the press release says, and I like to seem down with the kids and everything, but, let’s face it, 5 years ago we could have called this jungle and no one could have told the difference. To back this point up, Fracture seems to have directly chored the bass sound from ‘Terrorist’ by Ray Keith, and you can’t get more junglist than that…One of the other tracks on this EP does virtually the same thing as the Rosario remix, but this time takes the vocal from MAW’s ‘Work’, and throws in a few more gun noises. Job done. Good clean hectic fun all round.

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