Single Review: Bondi Stereo – Hot Summer Bombs


It's rare that I find something as easy to review as this latest from Bondi Stereo, but the lads have come up trumps. In short; making, listening to, or releasing this music, is quite simply the worst way imaginable to spend your fleeting mortality on Earth. Please don't do it. You want elaboration? Bondi Stereo churn out big beat remakes that Norman Cook would reject as being 'a bit obvious', sucking the life out of hip hop and rock tracks and leaving their grotesque drum roll riddled corpse for Aussie surfer dudes to headbutt each other to. They are truly fucking terrible.

I'm not going to embed the video because the EP is such a filthy stinker and  I don't want to bump up their soundcloud plays. If you've got some ghoulish curiosity to hear how bad really bad can be, you can listen to the tracks here. But, trust me, you don't wanna.