Single Review: Tomboy – Moths


I blame Bjork. Were it not for the Icelandic stars career long bout of hiccups, we’d have been spared the many, varied chancers who think a breathy vocal combined with an erratic sprinkling of pitch warbles constitutes song writing. This Tomboy single is a case in point. Musically, it’s flipping great, with an impeccably produced beat that shudders and rolls like a tunnelling mammoth, switching from belly shaking bass to shivers of mystical percussion, with a crystal clear fidelity. It’s a gem – or it would be were it not for the vocals. They’re by no means the worst thing we’ve ever heard, but at the same time, the singers insistence on sub Bjork ‘kookiness’ is really fucking annoying. Pick a note and stick to it! Sheesh. The thing is, with a tweak here or there this could be perfect. Frustrating. Or, to be more generous, a taste that I’m yet to acquire.