Shook – Violet Hues – A Reflection


Who? You may be wondering… Well don't click away, if you do, you're missing out big time and you'll find out your so called friends hate you, so stick here for a second. 


Jasper Wijnands is a Dutch producer already with an album and a bunch of EPS to his name, they're of a similar vein to this track but nowhere near as accomplished as this. 
As soon as Violet Hues begins its aural carress nothing else matters. It takes the beats AND slap bass of late 90s French house, , chucks in Japanese plinks and plonks, dreamy washes of Vangelis synth and breathy shoegaze vocals, think Blonde Redhead mixed by Johnny Jewel. The introduction of 80’s drum pads on the final third is the icing on one pretty perfect, big and delicious cake, one of the best tracks of the year. 


Chris Todd