Review: Ténèbre – Meta / Hydr


There’s a rapper in Chicago called Chief Keef. He’s banned from appearing on stage anywhere inside his home city because his presence alone is meant can cause instant chaos. So, anyway, this hip hop festival was on over the weekend in Chicago, and the organisers introduced a hologram of Keef to the stage – this was enough for the old bill to shut down the festival within a minute of the hologram appearing. A minute! Insane. The police are now legislating against hologram stage shows, and we are most definitely living in the future. I'd like to think that as the police drove to shut down a collection of light beams that they suspected were going to cause a riot, they pumped themselves up by listening to Meta by Ténèbre, working themselves into a paranoid technological frenzy as they ground their teeth in time to it's relentless dystopian techno. It may not be fun, but goddam it's enjoyable. 

There's no previews as yet, so here's the last thing they did. You get the gist.