Review: Hot Chip – Started Right (Joe Goddard Disco Remix)


Hot Chip's latest album is probably my favourite LP of the year – it's their strongest in ages and there's genuinely not a single track on the album that underwhelms me in the slightest. So why would you start making changes to it? Well, I suppose having Joe Goddard doing something to one of his own tracks isn't as if it has been mangled by some stranger and, in all fairness, he brings the disco to this belter as though he was in charge of getting all the disco ready for a really important party and decided to over-compensate so that he wouldn't make a fool of himself.

'Started Right' is a really strong track to begin with yet with the added pumping bass and the general restructuring that the one bear has done turns it into a rather different song without removing any of the original's appeal. Imagine yourself drifting away as you piggyback on Joe's shoulders as he fires up the jetpack to allow you to be at one with the clouds. Why would you want to be stuck in the real world with all the building works and broccoli when you can be thousands of miles away, completely lost and with no-one for company but a man who has music running through his veins like Keith Richards has alcohol?

Take me to that place where all the world feels a distant memory and the only thing that matters is what's in your ears. Not the waxy bits… Oh, and the video is pretty swell too;

 Hot Chip's ‘Started Right’ Remix Package is out now via Domino.