Kevin Knapp – The Heft


Pigeonholes are useless. Although, again, as with the previously discussed pigs whistles, I’m not exactly sure what a pigeonhole is. Because, let’s face it, the London variety of feathered fiends are never huddling in holes, especially not when they can congregate on my roof and shit all over my doorstep. If pigeons did stay in holes you could easily suck them up with a well calibrated Dyson. Job done. So pigeon holes; both useless as a phrase and unhelpful as a thing to put stuff in. Like this track, I can see you noting it’s on Hot Creations, and thinking 'mmm yeah, bit shuffly for me, don’t think I’ll bother Ian'. But I’m saying HOLD ON. Don’t be a mug. Yes it may well be a bit shuffly (which, fyi, I don’t have a problem with) but it’s actually a stripped down chug of simple bass pleasure. It’s got a decent old skool-ish vocal, a couple of French Kiss-ish synth lines, it doesn’t do anything pointlessly cheesy half way through, and it's even a teensy bit like Flat Beat without being a shameless knock off. In fact, it’s pretty bloody good. Show some love.