Kate Tempest And Loyle Carner – Guts


Speedy Wunderground’s setup is quality. The idea is about as punk/DIY as you can get. 6 releases a year. 24 hours to write and record a song. 1 week to master, and to create a B-Side (if one is needed) and then off to the pressing plant. A few weeks later 250 7” singles return. The studio is badass and the man in charge of the whole thing is possible one of the best producers working in music at the moment. The one, the only Mr. Dan Carey.

This week sees the release of the ninth instalment in the SW saga. It contains the two brightest lights in the UK Hip-Hop scene. I won’t bore you with the back story of Kate Tempest and Loyle Carner. All you need to know is that they are young, hungry and insanely talented. The track that they created Guts, with Mr. Dan at the controls, could possibly be the Hip-Hop track of the year, but I’ve already waxed lyrical about this let’s concentrate on the B-Side.

Mr. Dan’s Balloon Dub, concentrates on a simple back and forth between Kate and Loyle but with a dub version built around it. What makes this B-Side shine is that Dan’s production is so against what is going on at the moment that you can’t help be drawn in and take notice of it. At times it sounds like the RZA at his peak, but without being lost in a sea of Kung-Fu samples and muddy bass.

By the time you read this, SW009 will be sold out. Sorry about that, but you were warned early about this. Best start saving those quids for eBay and Discogs, which will be the only place you’ll probably find this now. Other than wait 6 months for the Speedy Wunderground – Year 2 compilation next year…