Jus Now – Leh Go


It’s always a bit of a worry when you see more than 2 mixes on a single – how many passes do you need to take at something before you get it right? So I can’t help thinking that when the new Jus Now single arrives with a whopping 10 different remixes, it suggests that at the heart of all the glitter lies a turd that refuses to be polished. As it transpires, the original of Leh Go is a curious beast, a hyperactive piece of electro soca that I fear pleases no one – it’s too authentically Trinidadian to cross over into the house mainstream, has none of the trap aesthetics that allowed Tun Up to appeal to the dubstep crowd, and yet, I can’t see it really being a big hit in the dancehall/ soca world when it's already been massive in it's original form. I get the feeling the target audience has deteriorated to a small group of ravers hoofing Silk Road bought drugs at Boom Town and no one else. The remixes don’t really do much to help, and the whole project comes off as a bit of a missed opportunity. It’s a shame because Major Lazer have done extremely well smashing electro techniques into Caribbean music, and Jus Now could well have been a UK based response. On this showing, that status is still a way off.   

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