Jamie Paton – Ep#2


Chapter 1 – Mad Obsession

Holding the delicate hand of my nervous air traveller, I move her champagne as we touch down in Santa Clara. The scorch of the turbo jets throttling down and the necessary bump says we are back.

The increasing warmth through the Learjet window reminds me of the Countach. Not long now till I have her in my hands, and let this one go.

Coming through customs, once again I feel that recognisable fear coming around the corner. Not long now till I have done what's needed. 

The old sounds and brain shivers are instantly recognisable, and I have release when I know we are through to those days, when we could sit on the hacienda, Tom Tom Club on the stereo, still the warmth. Always the warmth of good, bad company.

But through misty Eighties eyes, I forget too easily the disagreements. They happen, like they always did back then. Disjointed, grievous, but somehow still a party. And always a woman at the centre of it. They were in that certain ratio.

Chapter 2 – Time Nearly Time

I knock on the door. No answer.

Again, more fervently, more anxious. I can hear the bass guitar I knew from last time, still familiar but this time I was fretting. Another knock and a kick and I'm back there…

Jet lagged, I make my way upstairs. The beats still sound as good, but where I am these days make me think it's all brand new. There's a muffled voice, it's trying to tell me something. Are these really the days I left behind? Was it worth it?

I have no real choice as the security lead me through. Nearly time to meet him, so much unsaid here I think. And that's ok, I tell myself.

Chapter 3 – Drole Model

Scuffled sounds as I walk across a dance floor that I once owned. People dance everywhere, the sound of that dirty reverbed bass and stuttering claps, higher than I remembered. They applauding my return?! 

Sounds better than then. Things have changed since I left, the bar staff aren't exactly groomed, but they know what the customers want, that's for sure. The vinyl starts to run off, then I look around at my once mighty palace, my playground. It's all still here, just happier than when I left town. 

Who can blame them. 

Chapter 4 – Alternative Obsession

I never saw that coming.

Another jet, another beach, another drink. Swapped the car for a Ducati, got me here in my time, not theirs.

As I think back over my return, there is a recurrent memory of all the best times. And it seems they are still just around the corner. To say I'm glad to come back and revisit, re-see and re-hear them is a statement too far. Too much has happened.

But I know, when you have been in the best company, best bars and best arms, it is difficult to see anything wrong with that. 

The sounds and the sunshine and this mad obsession keep me coming back.

Andrew Thompson

'EP#2' is out now.