Video Premiere: TeNeBre – Axe Nord-Sud


West Norwood Cassette Library is one of the great unsung labels. Run by Bob Bhamra the imprint has evolved from strength to strength across many years having released music by an array of talented producers and musicians. J Tijn, Kevin McPhee, Caldera and many more have all appeared upon the label. 

Never driven by trends the record label maintains a singular edge, each release is as much a surprise as the last with definitive singular sounds and a purposeful sense of intent. 

Next to appear on the label is an artist previously unfamiliar to ourselves. TÉNÈBRE is a relative newcomer but he comes correct with a four track EP scheduled for release on the 3rd of November next month. 

We are thrilled to be able to exclusively showcase a kaleidoscopic whirlwind of a video which accompanies a track from the release titled "Axe Nord-Sud". Intense, wobbly visuals with an intriguingly warped aesthetic. 

Buy the release HERE

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