Video Premiere: Sid Le Rock – Echo Canyon


The sandstorms had settled, the heat had subsided and the sky had gone through varying shades of blue. It was black as hell now, and although the space was cavernous, the people came out and made things a little more intimate. The music rebounded off years of geology and into the youthful and lustful minds of it's inhabitants. They got closer together, and like a pack of coyotes protected themselves from the outer world as the bass and twisting did the necessary.

Reminding us of great and generally very sweaty times at ALFOS in 2014, Sid Le Rock shares this track from his new 'Elasticity' EP. The rubbery and sleazy "few notes as you can" bassline, combines with some octave shift unexpectances and otherwordly snarls. Colour shifting and hypnotic visuals to boot. Bass please, Sir. And make mine a large one.

Out now HERE. Video by Blaenk Minds.

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