Video Premiere: Marlene Stark – Language Of Old Woman


The window stretched from floor to ceiling, giving her a clear view of the entire street. Like a hawk, from her tattered armchair she watched the happenings of the neighbourhood; the comings and goings, the secrets and the stories, the unfolding dramas. She’d earned herself the nickname “the all seeing eye”. Nobody could fool her, she could see straight through them. These old, creased eyes had experienced sights many of the younger generation couldn’t begin to comprehend…

Last year producer, DJ, writer and artist Marlene Stark released a 7-track mini LP for Berlin-based imprint Lustpoderosa. Titled ‘Hyäne’, the record explores Stark’s connection to her work as a writer and artist, and her role as both DJ and mother in a patriarchal society, on and off the dance floor. Symbolic in its name and its references, the album reinterprets the figure of the carnivorous hyena in a poetic, self-ironical and honest way, sounding a call to the world to rethink established structures. Sonically she continues to craft her own strain of contemporary body music, drawing from early trip-hop, acid, breakbeat, trance and krautrock, and lacing it with commanding, effortless vocals.

Buy HERE. Video Credits: Video by Moritz Freudenberg (Direction, Postproduction), Producer and Initiator: NeuVerboten. Mixing, mastering & reel to reel transfer at TailOut Studios.