Video Premiere: Harald Björk – Sketch On A Feeling


Wandering through each vestibule,

between one world and another. 

The storm clouds hung thick and foggy overhead,

above towerblocks and desolate golden plains. 

All the while the world continued to spin and spin.

Harald Björk is a remarkable producer, an artist who has released some truly beautiful music in recent years on an array of great labels. His latest EP is focussed around one particular track called “Sketch On A Feeling” – a delicate, wandering composition which flutters and dances.

It is being released on Kranglan Broadcast, Haralds own record label. The record is rounded up by remixes from friends and reimagined versions by Adrian Lux and Extrawelt. 

This video accompanies the release of the new track, a beautiful collecction of visuals from William Worrell. 

Watch below:

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