Video Premiere: George T – Midway Day Sweats


Walking down the stairs into the basement, a blast of heat hit them in the face forcing beads of sweat to drip from their foreheads almost instantly. Lights flickered and flashed, revealing the sticky sweaty bodies who were writhing to the heady sounds blasting from the stacks in each corner of the room. It were as if everyone were moving as one, in unison to a single rhythm. Inhibitions weren't welcome here; you were free to be the truest version of yourself. Nothing more, nothing less…

Recorded over a two year period using solely analog gear, Scottish producer George T explores movement and memory on his new EP Midway. Having released several records in the mid 90s on labels like NRK, 2020 Vision and Crosstown Rebels, George took a long hiatus from producing after a move to London in 2000. However that all changed two years ago when Greco Roman released an EP of his old tracks, which reignited George's desire to start producing again. Midway marks his first original material in 19 years; a body of work he describes as "a love letter to club life, both then and now".