Video Premiere: Cosmo Vitelli feat. Fantastic Twins – Fragments of Reality


The mood in the house was sombre, a constant black cloud that hung thick in the air. The family had not spoken for many years, it was unfortunate that these were the circumstances under which they must meet again, but life tends to work in mysterious ways. There had been happy memories here, but they struggled to remember them. Much of what had taken place inbetween had eclipsed anything that came before. Maybe these memories were just fragments of reality. Distant, forgotten and difficult to piece together…

Following the first instalment of his Holiday in Panikstrasse release in May, I'm A Cliche boss Cosmo Vitelli returns to Berlin-based label Malka Tuti for part deux of the series. The second part boasts four tracks of dark slow burners, including two collaborations with Croatian vocalist Tanja Vesic – who Cosmo teamed up with on his previous release for Les Disque De La Mort – and Microdosing boss Fantastic Twins for a moody opener.