Premiere: Younger Than Me feat. ZaaZaa – Rave Therapy


The sky was clearer than ever tonight, its canvas studded with a thousand stars. The night air felt cool on her face as she made her way to the top of the hill to gaze at the atmosphere above; a ritual that had now become a part of her daily life. From up here she could see everything; the hazy lights emitting from the village below, the pylons that seemed to tower over the landscape and the winding river that stretched for miles. From up here, she felt on top of the world, like a predator presiding over its empire…

Dischi Autunno bosses Jennifer Cardini and Noura Labbani have been hard at work on their label’s next dispatch: a whopping 22 track compilation split across two parts. Exploring the plethora of sounds that orbit the imprint—from electro, italo and acid to synthwave, coldwave and lo-fi— ‘Intermezzo’ unites artists from across these musical spectrums, including previous label mates like Curses, Pablo Bozzi, Chinaski, The Golden Filter and Younger Than Me, as well as new, burgeoning talent including Mogambo, Zillas on Acid and A Strange Wedding.