Premiere: Yoann Pisterman – Marbling (ELO Remix)

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Bytes present a remix EP of the mutil-instrumentalist’s debut album Water Groove.

An eerie calm had settled on the beach. The sea was still under the jet-black sky, which was dotted with pinprick stars, like a billion tiny torches shining down from the heavens. The moon cast shadows on the sands and the tranquillity was enhanced by the gentle sound of the waves as they drifted up onto the shoreline and back again. In the distance you could just about make out the thrum of the soundsystem from the bar in the far corner of the beach. It could be playing any song you wanted and anyone you knew could be in there, waiting for you to arrive with a hug and a smile and whatever else you fancied…


It’s a double celebration for the Ransom Note and Bytes family today! As well as being the release day for the four-track Remix EP featuring reworkings of tracks from Water Groove, the stunning debut album from the multi-instrumentalist composer and visual artist Yoann Pisterman, it is also the 40th birthday of R$N friend Enrique “ELO” Leon, the Venezuelan/Colombian DJ also known as Leeon. He just so happens to have provided one of the remixes on the EP, so R$N is posting it to mark this special day.

ELO’s ethereal take on Marbling soothes the mind with a meditative aura of sonic crescendo. As the music evolves, it feels as though we are transcending through unknown dimensions, pervaded by introspection and bliss. This take on Marbling was inspired by a recurrent midnight sitting down at Playa Marmol in Río Claro, a nature reserve in Colombia.


The EP also features remixes from Daniel ‘Flug 8’ Herrmann (which premiered on R$N back in January), Acid Washed and Lunar Orbit Rendezvous, which complement and enhance Pisterman’s transportative Japanese-influenced ambient/German Komische/New Age sounds. It is available to download on Bandcamp and from all your favourite streaming platforms.