Premiere: Xao Seffcheque – Kassa – Bubu


The temple of Kassa Bubu was built of golden bricks. It's dusty chambers lay laced with jewels and grandeur. Very few had ever been granted entry to this place: the ruins of a generation, the pride of a once great empire. Nowadays it remained caked in dust, a symbol of a forgotten history which had cause the ruin of so many. The temple stood tall amidst the jungles sprawling talons. The roots of trees clung to the old statues like entangled wire. Kassa Bubu would rise again one day, but for now it remained a mess. 

Rivet's label Kess Kill is remarkably experimental. The latest edition to the release schedule features three tracks from Xao Seffcheque, an Austrian new wave musician with a penchant for the bizarre. Listen to 'Kassa-Bubu' below:

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