Premiere: West Norwood Cassette Library – Up Periscope


Though most libraries insist on absolute silence so that the folks inside can focus on reading their John Grisham novels or whatever other books they read to excape from the dreariness of their daily lives, the West Norwood Cassette Library is always open to all sorts of moises and actively encourages them. That's probably because it's a human being as opposed to a physical building – you're not very likely to find several generations of people chilling out inside him, hopefully.

To celebrate the fifth birthday of his eponymous label, there's a very special 5th Anniversary EP on offer to help kick the celebrations into full swing. Settle yourself in for your first taste of 'Up Periscope' and get yourself excited for the incoming mountains of party poppers, balloons and all the jelly and ice cream you could ever hope for;

The WNCL 5th Anniversary EP is out on 16th October via WNCL Recordings – grab your copy here.