Premiere: Vulkanski – Skeptical Answers


The room was cold and sterile, matching the temperament of the panel that sat stony-faced across from him. He’d heard they were hard nuts to crack, that many had tried but failed to charm them. He had no idea what they were thinking as he responded to their questions, listing his attributes and accolades. They gave nothing away, barely a twitch of the mouth or a a blink of the eye. That was until he got up to leave, and with a nod of the head and an outstretched hand they welcomed him to the team. 

Georgian DJ, producer and long term resident at Tbilisi club KHIDI Vulkanski first landed on Phase Fatale’s BITE imprint back in 2018 with his Science Gardens EP that explored industrial and techno. Now, he’s making his return for his first long player on the label, Skeptical Answers, which pushes the boundaries of club music even further than before, surveying the spaces between electro, club techno, broken beat and IDM.