Premiere: Vesu’s – Solitary Anole


The jungle was busy with wild creatures and endless greenery, it was warm and dense under the heat of the summer sun as fog rose from the bubbling stream. There was little noise but for the ripple of water and the occasional cry from the heavenly branches up above. A solitary anole wandered between the mysterious shrubbery with little purpose other than survival. These were testing times for the small lizard, predators galore and a cold, dark night approaching with imminent threat. It trudged softly amidst the leaves and left no trace. 

Going Good is a record label with a remarkable rate of consistency. Never a bad record from this camp, no not one. The next release on the imprint comes in the form of an EP from Vesu's aka Vesa Matti – a downtempo dubby affair with lizard like dexterity at the forefront. 

Listen below: