Premiere: Venderstrooik – Escargothic (SM Champignon Dans La Foret Remix)


There was a tense atmosphere which hung in the old theatre, the red curtains parted and a beaming light emerged from the back of the stage with shocking vibrancy. He leant deep into his chair and watched as the show began to unfold before his eyes. In the darkness it was hard to tell who he was sat beside and who else might be watching with him, it should have been a private affair. Upon the old wooden stage dancers moved with provocative motion and intrigue. They left little to the imagination but delighted the fabulous crowd of oddballs. 

BAR Records was founded out of the base which was BAR, Rotterdam. An infamous venue which has sadly since closed but not without one hell of a fight. The label lives on and the next EP comes from Venderstrooik, an interesting, abstract affair which represents the weirder leanings of the venue. Sacha Mambo delivers a cutting remix. 

Listen below: