Premiere: U/V Light – Lying Breather


It's always great when you stumble across an unexpected piece of electronic funk. This floated over from the other side of the Atlantic and straight in through the windows of R$N Towers, flying past the barrage of foxes anxiously queueing on our doorstep – there really is one outside at the moment standing on the large mound of earth, look:


The latest collection of aural beauties that have made this perilous journey come from Seattle's great Medical Records signee U/V Light.


With strong influences of early electro and dance-pop sounds, Cenotaph is the debut solo album from Kip Uhlhorn and he's done everything from performing and engineering to mixing this new recording. We're bringing you the first chance to hear the belter that is 'Lying Breather' from the six-track offering right here. Take Factory Floor as a starting point, drop a green ohm, throw some of Rick Smith's ambience in and you're half way there. This is ethereal, future funk.
Open up your ears to something new.
Let's go;

Cenotaph will be released on vinyl on 11th June, pre-order your copy here.