Premiere: Unknown – Che Cavolo Di Vita Fai (Rollover Edit)


The beach was busy with human life upon the first date in July. It was as if half of the country had flocked from far and wide to touch down upon the shore and watch the waves slowly roll in against the golden sand. The heat poured down upon the crowds from the radiant sun which shone brightly up high above. The sky was a crystal clear blue and the sound of sweet music travelled softly upon the warm summer breeze. In cafes some watched others swim whilst afraid to dunk their own feet, they drank from straws a golden liquid made for a day beneath the light. 

We love a good edit here at Ransom Note, it can be a fine art, a thing of delicate beauty. The Rollover DJ's have reworked "Che Cavolo Di Vita Fai" in a showcase of balearic beauty. Listen below: 

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