Premiere: Uffe – Pizzica Tarantata n.015 (Rework)


There was a strange noise which echoed in the churchyard, it were as if some haunted creature was rising from the depths of the ground, releasing a frantic gasp for air and freedom.

Despite the sunshine there was a chill which hung in the mist. A family marched between the graves and cast a sombre look downwards as if they were looking into the very pits of hell itself. The grass was long and unkept, it was a bitter place in which dreams were sent beyond the realm and into the abyss. An exorcism was all it might take to restore this horrid space. 

Flee Project announced the reissue of a collection of rare Italian field recordings which are said to be that of chants conducted during the process of an exorcism conducted in the 1950s in Puglia. They also invited a collection of producers to reimagine the haunting chants. Uffe was one of them. 

Listen below: