Premiere: Two Tone Shape – Every Minute (Drive Mix)

[HBR017] Two Tone Shape – Every Minute EP_cover

The second EP from the Seoul-based duo on Honey Badger Records.

Time is a funny thing; some wish it away while others are desperate for more. When we’re young you want to fast forward your life so we can be adults and when we’re old we yearn for our youth. Being present in the moment and enjoying every minute is difficult but it’s the only way time will remain on our side – the only way we can make time work for us and not against us.


Seoul-based duo Two Tone Shape return to Honey Badger Records for their second EP, following 2020’s Fantastic Machines. Made up of long-standing house producer Wooseok Choi and Minseop Lee, who’s output revolves around UK Bass and French electronic music, when the pair come together they pair their shared love of Detroit House and UK electronics – influences that are ever-present on their sophomore release Every Minute. Choi is in charge of the synthesizers while Lee takes care of the drum machines, and the results are a batch of five hypnotic house tracks full of momentum and force.