Premiere: Tryst – Garden Of Morning Calm


There was a soft breeze which passed through the field in the glow of the early morning. The garden of calm was slowly awakening for another day, blossoming in the warmth of the spring and flourishing beneath the heat of a sun millions of miles away. At the top of his perch he stood, surveying the scene and watching as the birds flew between the tall trees. He let out a sigh and began to wander amidst the tall grass, this was home. 

Tryst are set to release a new EP on Aparrel Tronic, it’s a beautiful dreamy affair which touches upon poignant moments of ambience and peace. The record was composed by bouncing ideas back and forth from Den Haag to Manchester by composers Jordan and Enhua Bruce and Larry Jones. 

This one comes highly recommended, an ethereal dream and a perfect summer soundtrack. 

Listen below: