Premiere: Tronik Youth – Losing My Mind – Rodion Mix


There's no doubting that every single one of us here at R$N Towers is completely out of our minds – if you've ever read anything on here before, you'll know that this can only be true. While we may have been urged by our loved ones to return to the world of sanity, there's just not quite enough fun in being sane to keep us interested – it's far more fun to be out of our tiny little minds.

Tronik Youth would seem to agree with us, given the name of his latest sounds, and by proxy of the fact that Rodion has given these sounds a remix he too must enjoy insanity. So prick up your ears, let your mind out the door and venture on into this crazy ol' world;

Losing my Mind is out soon via Nein Records.

You can give the video for the original a watch right here as well;